A piece of nature

Water and light – the origin of life. They have released mankind into the world and yet still attract them:

the sunrise on a calm lake; the effervescent stream breaking the midday sun’s sparkles; watching sunset on a rock plateau, nearby river rushing into the depth.

We strive to recapture the elements in timeless design. Natural and authentic materials – steel, copper, wood, stone, and glass – enclose the essential in an extraordinary shape.

Decide for an equally extraordinary statement.

Enrich representative rooms with unique design

Form and function are diverse in the world of fountains and water walls. Detached from the well’s original purpose – namely the water supply – there’s much more to find in it: water features and playgrounds with water, wild springs and calm flow, animating and relaxing, air humidification and ambient noise. The variety, at best leading to free-minded creativity, is often likely to be arbitrary.

We strictly deny the arbitrariness. Our passion is the striking accent for interior and outdoor areas.

Together with our partners in architecture and landscaping we develop individual and unique installations and add that certain something to your property.

In our collection you will find individual pieces with an inherent effect created by our designers. They can be creatively combined with existing elements or may serve as an inspiration for new creation.

Design diversity according to your requirements

The choice is yours: find the object that suits you best in our collection, or let us design an individual and unique piece for your premises.

Everything is possible (within the limits of physics).

Design often lies in the details – and relies on the details. We technically design our water projects to ensure a clean and calm water flow even at high altitudes.

An appealing illumination, interplay of light and water, reflects the acustic effect visually.

We do not want the viewer to be distracted. Therefore we provide all our objects with durable, economic, and sustainable hidden inner workings.

Depending on the object’s intended use and location we are able to offer all intensities of technic-involvement: from a very reduced use of technology to completely autonomous systems.

Advertising with light and water

Water, light, movement – pure attention. Beauty and elegance in design become an eyecatcher in front of buildings, in offices and foyers.

Use the positive association of water and benefit from combining it with your brand name. Either as a direct statement at your company’s headquarter – or effectively place your advertising message on trade fairs, sale stands, and at your buisness partners.

We modify our design series peppons® and Banjo-Salina® individually and according to your requirements in terms of shape, colour, size and your corporate identity.

Or we design the object following your very own products‘ shape and let it communicate simply by its form.

Effective as a vitamine rush

Our water sculpures offer sensual moments of relaxation: while the object’s aesthetics create a harmonious picture, you will also profit from an improved and healthy room climate.

An ideal humidity has beneficial effects on the whole human organism – especially the eyes, skin, and mucous mebranes.

Moisture exchange between wet surfaces and dry room air happens autonomously, passive and therefore germ-free and sterile. In addition, pollutants from electrical equipment, electrostatic charging, fine dust, and odors are reduced.